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The Waterlase MD Turbo is a laser dental apparatus that works to minimize the need for invasive techniques used in the preparation of cavities. Laser dentistry has made a big difference to the treatment of patients, making procedures relatively painless. The Waterlase MD Turbo has made this change all the more evident; by the way it is able to complete procedures in such a quick and precise fashion. It is not only dental practitioners who are raving about the advent of such technology, but also, the patient, able to undergo procedures inducing minimal levels of pain and cutting back on the invasive nature of treatment.

How does the Waterlase MD Turbo work?

The Waterlase MD Turbo is a tissue laser that is used in the preparation of cavities. The device is able to defect the root canal and remove bacteria in a simplified manner. It can also be used for several other treatments, such as crown lengthening and implants. The Waterlase MD Turbo lessens the pain caused by more common dental devices, such as anaesthetic and a drill. Such treatment would usually have led to the build up of heat, vibration and pain to the mouth area. The Waterlase MD Turbo does not have such an intrusive nature, as it is comprised of a laser and water spray, able to perform renovations of the teeth in a gentle manner. The device also has a red beam to aim at the area of teeth that needs to be treated.

What are the benefits of using the Waterlase MD Turbo?

The benefits of the technology are several. One of the most obvious benefits is that procedures that were once painful are no longer so. Though treatment may still involve some pain this is lessened greatly. People who once feared the invasive nature of dental treatment need no longer, as the laser requires no contact with the teeth and therefore prevents forceful vibrations to the mouth. There are some cases in which the dental treatment does not even require the use of anaesthetic, which is an important benefit to the technology. Also, the cutting time is the same as that of the dental drill.

What this means for the patient?

The advancement of technology in the field of dental treatment is not only to benefit the dental practitioner, but also, the patient. The Waterlase MD Turbo cuts back on the invasive nature of other dental treatment, and lessens the need for the use of injections. This will prevent the discomfort of numb lips for many people which would often occur after treatment. When used in the treatment of soft tissue the device is able to minimize bleeding, puffiness and pain caused after treatment. This is a big bonus to people who hold a general fear to the dentist and the apparatus commonly used there.

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