Your life is busy and hectic, getting good dental care with us is easy and simple.


You don't have to run from one dentist to another for treatment – Quick Smile is a dental practice that addresses all your dental needs, from monitoring your child’s oral health to preserving your beautiful smile as you age.

We’re here to provide the treatments you need in a friendly, comfortable setting. QS continues to expand knowledge to bring you updated, state-of-the-art dental care. Whatever your concern, we’ll work with you to help you achieve trouble-free oral health.



Routine dental checkups are vital to good oral hygiene and are the best way to detect problems at their earliest stages. Early detection and treatment saves unnecessary discomfort, time and money.

Quick Smile Team recommends checkups twice a year. Oral hygiene needs change with age and the condition of your teeth and gums. Based on your conditions we may recommend a checkup schedule that is more or less frequent than twice a year.


Preventative care is a foundation of dentistry. QS believes strongly in taking a preventative approach to dental care. Promoting health through preventative and routine hygiene care is the heart of our practice. More that just “cleaning”, these visits allow us to monitor your health and catch potential problems early. Ask us about the latest techniques and products to assist you, we are here to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.


A filling repairs and restores the surface of a tooth that has been damaged by decay, fracture, or wear. A dental filling strengthens the tooth. If tooth decay is not repaired at its early stages, it will worsen and additional or alternative dental treatments may be necessary.

With proper care and routine oral hygiene, a filling has a lifespan of 5-12 years, depending upon the type of filling material used.


A veneer improves the appearance of a tooth by covering the visible front surface with a custom-made, tooth-colored porcelain overlay.

QS Team can complete a porcelain veneer treatment in just one office visit. With proper care and good oral hygiene, a veneer has a lifespan of 5-10 years.


The most common causes are debris lodged under the gum line, a lost filling or crown, a cracked or broken tooth, or an infection. With a thorough examination by QS Team we can determine the underlying cause of severe pain.

Until you see your visit us, apply ice to the painful area for 10-20 minutes of every hour. Contact us any time if you are QS regular patient for emergency booking!


Tooth whitening enhances the brightness of natural teeth. Visit us and find out how get Quick Smile whitening solutions , especially if you have:

  • Discolored or sensitive teeth

  • White spots or decay on your teeth

  • Infected gums

  • A bridge, crown, or other dental work (especially involving front teeth)


The lifespan of whitened teeth can range from 4-12 months, depending on the type of treatment used and your consumption of food and drink that can easily stain teeth (such as blueberries, coffee, and tea).

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